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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Service Classsort descending
LTC Keith W. Dayton USA 1992
COL John R. Hoag USA 1992
Alan O. Makovsky Civilian 1992
CAPT William Fitzpatrick Jr. USN 1992
LTC Andrew J. Krepinevich Jr. USA 1992
Dr. Peter J. Sharfman Civilian 1992
Lt Col Milton E. Branch Jr. USAF 1992
Col Harvard L. Lomax USAF 1992
James J. Cain Civilian 1992
Dr. Nancy L. Spruill Civilian 1992
Daniel A. Strasser Civilian 1992
Mary Brauer-Cox Civilian 1992
John W. Hutson Civilian 1992
Richard A. Davis Civilian 1992
Peter G. Nelson Civilian 1992
Col Richard F. Vercauteren USMC 1992
COL David L. Ingle USA 1992
Brig Gen John O. McFalls, III USAF 1992
Laura B. Sherman Civilian 1992
Lt Col Gary A. Winterberger USAF 1992
COL Karl H. Lowe USA 1992
Col Malcolm L. Ogilvie Jr. USMC 1992
COL Jack A. Le Cuyer USA 1992
CDR Richard L. Snead USN 1992
James W. Thomas Civilian 1992
Michael E. Flynn Civilian 1992
LtCol Scott E. Leitch USMC 1992
Henry A. Padinha Civilian 1992
Col Paul L. Wilke USAF 1992
Col Michael M. Evans USAF 1992
CDR Frederick S. Gay USN 1992
CDR Kevin J. Cosgriff USN 1992
CDR Edward W. Pinion USN 1992
CDR James W. Angelo USN 1992
CAPT David A. Davies USN 1992
Brig Gen Bob L. Mitchell USAF 1992
LTC Richard M. Saunders USA 1992
CAPT Terry W. Sinclair USCG 1992
CAPT R. James Abbott USN 1992
LtCol Douglas M. Black USMC 1992
COL Harry E. Rothmann Jr. USA 1992
COL Richard M. Seitz USA 1993
Maj Gen Gary L. Curtin USAF 1993
Dr. Donna M. Heivilin Civilian 1993
LtCol James L. Taylor USMC 1993
COL Kenneth E. Fess USA 1993
John R. Hamilton Civilian 1993
LTC Scott R. Feil USA 1993
COL William G. Foster USA 1993
Dr. Laura R. Gilliom Civilian 1993
CDR Michael J. Landers USN 1993
Charles E. McKenna Civilian 1993
John E. Stenger Civilian 1993
Lt Col Tommy D. Dickson USAF 1993
Donald E. Erb Civilian 1993
Fred P. Moosally Civilian 1993
Col Thomas S. Jones USMC 1993
Dr. Edward J. Lacey Civilian 1993
Susan M. Lee Bales Civilian 1993
BG Richard A. Chilcoat USA 1993



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