Class of 1988 Session Overview

“MIT’s Seminar XXI was invaluable for me in providing the framework I later used as a flag officer, as well as a political appointee in DOD and in the Coalition in Iraq.”
RADM Dave Oliver, USN (Ret.) Former PD/USD AT&L; President & CEO, EADS Defense NA

Class Attendees

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Program Director and Staff

Program Director: Prof. Suzanne Berger
Assistant Program Director: Kimberly Nolan
Administrative Assistant: Eje Wray
Research Assistants: John Fenske, Annalee Saxenian, Ashutosh Varshney
Senior Advisors: Jake Stewart, Mitzi Wertheim

Session Date Participating Faculty
July 27, 1987 Introduction Prof. Gary Sick
September 11, 1987 Soviet Union Dr. Hannes Adomeit, Pierre Hassner, Dr. Ed A. Hewett, Prof. Gail Lapidus, Prof. Robert Legvold, Prof. Stephen Meyer, Prof. Adam Ulam
October 5, 1987 Western Europe Dr. Josef Joffe, Marc Perrin de Brichambaut
November 9, 1987 Japan Dr. Tatsuo Arima, Prof. Richard Samuels
December 7, 1987 Iran Prof. Shaul Bakhash, Prof. Bernard Lewis
January 11, 1988 India Dr. Ashis Nandy, Prof. Myron Weiner
February 8, 1988 China Dr. Harry Harding, Prof. Lucian Pye
March 7, 1988 Palestinians and Middle East Conflict Prof. Yehoshafat Harkabi, Prof. Walid Khalidi
April 11, 1988 Central America Prof. Terry Karl, Prof. Richard Millet
May 6, 1988 Trade and Technology Jean-Louis Gergorin, Prof. Michael Piore, Dr. John Steinbruner, Amb. Koji Watanabe, Prof. John Zysman


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