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The MIT XXI program consists of a series of 8 sessions over 9 months; 5 evening sessions held in Washington D.C. and three weekend sessions held in Warrenton, Virginia. Sessions are not open to the public. The introductory session is open to Fellows and Alumni. Sessions after the introductory session are open to current Fellows only. 

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Session Date Title Participating Faculty
February 2, 2018 National Economies and Transnational Factors in a Globalized World RSVP Rawi Abdelal, Sarah Chayes, Alex de Waal, Kimberly Elliott, Josef Joffe, Andrew Natsios, Kenneth Oye, Adam Segal, Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Edward You
March 12, 2018 Latin America Matthew Carnes, Stephen Kaplan
April 2, 2018 Democracy & Authoritarianism in the Arab World Eva Bellin, Gregory Gause
May 4, 2018 US National Security Policy Deborah Avant, Sumit Ganguly, Bruce Hoffman, Jonathan Kirshner, Andrey Kortunov, Christopher Layne, Keir Lieber, Vipin Narang, Daryl Press, Robert Ross, Caitlin Talmadge, Jim Walsh


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2017–2018 SESSIONS

This year's sessions begin with an introduction from Dr. Kathleen Hicks and move into a range of topics that include Religion, Identity Politics and Civil Wars; Iran, Turkey, and Israel; Realism, Liberalism, and U.S.-China Relations; National Economies in a Globalized World; and more.

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