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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
MAJ Andrew D. D'Amico USA 2013
LtCol Ossen J. D'Haiti USMC 2011
CDR Sarah A. Dachos USN 2013
Mark B. Daley Civilian 2002
CDR William R. Daly USN 2013
John J. Daly Civilian 2011
CDR John J. Daly Jr. USCG 2009
Jennifer Daniel Civilian 2001
Dr. Bruce G. Danly Civilian 2010
CDR Dan W. Davenport USN 2000
LtCol George J. David Jr. USMC 2017
Lt Col Thomas E. Davidson USAF 1988
CAPT David A. Davies USN 1992
CAPT Brian L. Davies USN 2014
Peter B. Davies Civilian 2006
Steven R. Davila Civilian 2007
Col James R. Davis USMC 1989
CAPT D'Earcy P. Davis IV USN 2018
Dr. Faye R. Davis Civilian 2004
Dr. Kevin M. Davis Civilian 2016
Richard A. Davis Civilian 1992
Michael W. Dawkins Civilian 1988
Joyce A. Dawkins Civilian 2010
Cree S. Dawson Civilian 1996
Maj Matthew A. Day USMC 2005
COL Brant V. Dayley USA 2016
LTC Keith W. Dayton USA 1992
Alex C. de Alvarez Civilian 2006
Rudy de Leon Civilian 1988
LTC Jerry A. De Money USA 1991
Dr. Craig A. Deare Civilian 2012
Raymond J. Decker Civilian 1996
Col Kenneth M. Decuir USAF 1999
COL Rae W. Dehncke USA 1991
Jeffery S. Deitenbeck Civilian 2016
LtCol Andrew Del Gaudio USMC 2015
Gregory T. Delawie Civilian 2008
Col William J. DelGrego USAF 2005
LtCol William R. DeLorenzo USMC 2014
CAPT Francis D. DeMasi USN 1999
Col James D. Demeritt USAF/ANG 2007
Michael P. Dempsey Civilian 2004
CDR Douglas J. Denneny USN 2006
Brig Gen Lee A. Denson Jr. USAF 1987
LtCol Eric R. Dent USMC 2018
CDR Daniel J. Deptula USCG 2011
COL Mark Derber USA 2015
John P.J. DeRosa Civilian 2012
MAJ David A. Derrick USA 2014
Col Mark J. Desens USMC 2008
Mary Desjeans Civilian 1996
Shelley Deutch Civilian 1997
George E. Devendorf Civilian 2003
Jeffrey L. DeWeese Civilian 2006
Arthur E. Dewey Civilian 1999
CDR Clayton L. Diamond USCG 2007
Lt Col Tommy D. Dickson USAF 1993
Dr. Keith D. Dickson Civilian 2011
Kari MJ Diener Civilian 2016
Brig Gen Robert R. Dierker USAF 1998



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