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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Alumni Servicesort descending Class
CDR Andrew L. Feinberg USN 2007
CAPT Beth A. Creighton USN 2019
CDR Michael A. Strano USN 2006
CAPT Mark W. Kenny USN 2001
RDML Jeffrey A. Lemmons USN 2013
RADM James D. McArthur Jr. USN 1999
CAPT Kenneth W. Branch USN 2012
CAPT William Park USN 2015
CAPT Michael P. Doran USN 2017
CAPT Bobby J. Pannell USN 2011
CAPT Alysa L. Ambrose USN 2018
CAPT William R. Farawell USN 2001
RADM John B. Foley III USN 1997
CAPT Robert A. Sanders USN 2010
CDR James M. Spence USN 2001
CAPT Warren E. Cupps USN 2022
CAPT Gerard P. Hueber USN 2002
CAPT Walter B. Jackson USN 2004
CDR William H. Wiley USN 2022
CAPT James D. von Suskil USN 1995
CAPT Elizabeth M. S. Higgins USN 2023
CDR Robert S. Wells USN 1994
CDR Steven E. Klemencic USN 1999
CDR Richard T. Brophy USN 2013
RADM Julius S. Caesar USN 2008
CAPT Charles J. Cassidy USN 2011
CDR Gordon A. Cross USN 2012
CAPT Joseph A. Sestak Jr. USN 1995
CAPT Paul D. Young USN 2020
CAPT William H. Hilarides USN 2002
CDR William J. Toti USN 1996
CAPT Katherine A. Isgrig USN 2007
CDR Thomas K. Kiss USN 2005
CAPT Scott T. Anhalt USN 2006
CAPT Michael J. Ford USN 2014
CAPT Arthur H. Barber III USN 2001
CAPT Donald F. Berkebile USN 1987
CDR Mary Ann McCullen USN 1995
CDR Steven L. Briganti USN 1998
CDR Clinton A. Carroll USN 2011
CAPT James W. Crawford III USN 2009
CAPT Michael M. McMillan USN 2018
CDR Clayton A. Grindle USN 2008
CAPT Karl M. Hasslinger USN 1999
RADM Joseph A. Horn Jr. USN 2008
CDR Elizabeth H. Josephson USN 2022
CDR Kelly M. Johnson USN 2004
CDR James W. Kilby USN 2008
CAPT Brian L. Davies USN 2014
CAPT Karin Vernazza USN 2015
CDR Derek P. Hotchkiss USN 2017
CAPT Colin W. Chinn USN 2018
CAPT Edward C. Ferriter USN 1997
CAPT Charles W. Fowler III USN 2002
CDR Vinton G. Garbesi USN 2001
CAPT Janice M. Hamby USN 2005
CAPT Thomas P. Stanley USN 2009
RADM Mark A. Melson USN 2021
CDR Brian J Tanaka USN 2013
CAPT Jonathan R. Townsend USN 2023



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