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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffixsort ascending Alumni Service Class
COL John P. DiGiambattista USA 2019
CAPT Paul B. Reinhardt USN 2019
CAPT John E. Cage USN 2020
LTC Harley P. Jennings USA 2020
LtCol Jonathan R. Smith USMC 2020
CAPT Thomas J. Gilmore USN 2021
Karen A. Miller Civilian 2021
Brendan A. Barcelo Civilian 2022
Todd C. Kelly Civilian 2022
Lisa M. Shaler Civilian 2022
Ryan R. Eddy Civilian 2023
Christopher R. Watkins Civilian 2013
Daniel Owins Civilian 2023
COL Jonathan E. Kraft USA/ARNG 2010
MAJ David A. Derrick USA 2014
Col Andrew J. Moyer USMC 2014
LTC Christian G. Van Keuren USA 2014
Dr. Anthony Esposito Civilian 2015
RDML Brian Luther USN 2015
RDML Timothy White USN 2015
LTC James F. Carlisle USA 2013
COL Jeffry W. Hartman USA 2016
Dr. Traci K. Pals Civilian 2016
CAPT Stuart B. Munsch USN 2012
Col Anthony D. Babcock USAF 2017
Eric T. Nielsen Civilian 2013
Lisa K. Cramer Civilian 2012
Eric A. Johnson Civilian 2017
CDR Sarah A. Dachos USN 2013
John H. Pendleton Civilian 2017
LTC Jessie J. Brewster USA 2018
Andrew P. Kelley Civilian 2018
Tammy P. Taylor Civilian 2018
Thomas M. Cooke Civilian 2019
J. Stephen Rottler Civilian 2006
COL John T. Novak USA 2019
Christopher Sandrolini Civilian 2003
Rian M. Bahran Civilian 2020
Haider A. Haider Civilian 2020
CAPT Rome Ruiz USN 2020
David T. Fautua Civilian 2021
RDML Sinclair M. Harris USN 2012
Col William C. McDonald USAF 2021
David G. Williams Civilian 2021
COL George C. Hackler USA 2022
Col William P. Jensen USAF 2013
LTC Erick D. Buckner USA 2023
James P. Lowell Civilian 2023
COL Christian L. Werner USA 2023
Lt Col Scott A. Cain USAF 2014
LTC Abigail T. Linnington USA 2014
Dr. Patrick A. Stadter Civilian 2014
COL Benjamin Crockett USA 2015
Sarah Kenny Civilian 2015
Jack E. Buchanan Civilian 2012
Dr. Brian Shaw Civilian 2015
Cephas L. Franklin Civilian 2016
Molly C. Montgomery Civilian 2016
Brian L. Williams Civilian 2016
Katherine E. Monahan Civilian 2017



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