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Rank First Name Middle Name Last Namesort descending Suffix Alumni Service Class
CDR Steven L. Briganti USN 1998
LTC Jay D. Briggs USA 2012
Timothy E. Bright Civilian 1998
Col Mark A. Brilakis USMC 2004
BG Gary Brito USA 2015
Jack Brock Civilian 2001
Robert A. Brodowski Civilian 2014
Dr. Matthijs M. Broer Civilian 2010
Maren C. Brooks Civilian 2012
CDR Richard T. Brophy USN 2013
Robert Brose Civilian 2015
Walter L. Brothers Civilian 1988
COL Jerry Brown USA 2000
Maj Jonathan F. Brown USMC 2012
LTC Christopher E. Brown USA 2004
Duncan Brown Civilian 1999
Armor D. Brown Civilian 2010
LTC Keirn C. Brown Jr. USA 1990
Col Ross A. Brown USMC 1989
CAPT Wayne P. Brown USCG 2008
COL Daniel P. Brownlee USA 1997
CAPT Mark C. Bruington USN 2014
CDR Mark R. Brunner USN 2007
COL Susan F. Bryant USA 2016
COL Ernest E. Bubb USA 1993
Jack E. Buchanan Civilian 2012
John B. Buchheister Civilian 1995
CAPT Sean S. Buck USN 2005
Col Richard B. Bundy USAF 1995
Richard R. Bunn Civilian 2003
C. Thomas Burbage Civilian 1989
LtCol Glenn F. Burgess USMC 1988
Dr. Richard P. Burke Civilian 1991
RADM William R. Burke USN 2009
Dr. Michael Burns Civilian 2015
LTC Michael A. Burns USA 1993
LTC J. Clarke Bursley USA 1997
LCDR Chester O. Burton USN 1994
Elizabeth S. Bush Civilian 2005
CDR Bradley I. Buswell USN 2003
LTC Brian J. Butcher USA 2001
Maj Gen G. Lee Butler USAF 1988
Lt Col Kenneth H. Butler USAF 2012
Lt Col Andrew L. Butts USAF 2007
Catherine E. Byrne Civilian 2010
James G. Cabalquinto Civilian 2016
Col Christian G. Cabaniss USMC 2016
RADM Julius S. Caesar USN 2008
Lt Col Scott A. Cain USAF 2014
James J. Cain Civilian 1992
Col Barbara S. Cain USAF 2003
Loriann M. Caldwell Civilian 2013
RADM John F. Calhoun USN 1987
Shawn M. Cali Civilian 2009
Brig Gen Joseph T. Callahan III USAF 2009
Ann Marie Calvaresi-Barr Civilian 2006
CAPT Stephen J. Camacho USN 2006
MAJ Erica L. Cameron USA 2014
Brig Gen Frank B. Campbell USAF 1994
Dr. Ann N. Campbell Civilian 2010



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